North Channel STRONG!

Oct 05, 2017 - by Yesenia Doyal

North Channel Strong!

We can’t forget Hurricane Harvey. He had an effect on us all. The process of rebuilding will be complex and overwhelming. Harvey was a storm of historic impact. I think we are all trying to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle, but we can’t forget what just happened to our homes, community, schools, families and businesses. The Chamber office was flooded. We are happy to announce that we are back in our office.

The outpouring of volunteer assistance in our community has been amazing– neighbors helping neighbors in crisis. The rescue operations in Houston, and nearby areas, have crossed racial, ethnic, religious and gender boundaries, very clearly demonstrating that Americans have great concern for all of their fellow citizens. This outpouring of humanity is a loud call for all Americans to reaffirm that America’s rich diversity is the strength of our nation.

Of course, there is an upside to the rebuilding, especially in that it will invigorate the private sector and create jobs for those in desperate need. Many municipal and commercial buildings have been impacted and will need materials to rebuild. Damaged infrastructure will need repair and replacement, including roads, highways, railways, subways, ports, pipelines, generators, and sewer systems. This will create more demand for materials, supplies and skilled workers, ultimately benefiting the tax-base.
Harvey was a storm of historic scale. No less than extraordinary efforts from the public and private sectors are needed now to help families and individuals rebuild their lives. The Chamber will continue to support our community in rebuilding. We will be a centralized location for disseminating information. Please share with us any needs and/or resources. We are North Channel Strong!

By: Margie Buentello, IOM - President & CEO