Welcome to the North Channel Area Chamber of Commerce!!! 

Your Channel to Success 

Often, we attempt to describe all of the attributes of the community and commerce that make the North Channel Area a place where people want to live and businesses would want to locate. In most instances, the North Channel Area Chamber of Commerce has listed the quality of our schools, the number of our hospital beds, our proximity to the Port of Houston, and our area's other assets relating to the quality of life and business opportunities. These facts, along with others, have always painted an accurate and impressive picture of the North Channel Area.

Currently, the North Channel Area Chamber of Commerce covers approximately 158 square miles and an estimated 250,000 of Houston's four million plus residents. We are also proud to say that we are currently one of Houston's fastest growing areas, expecting continued growth for the next five years and beyond.

As residents and local business owners in the area, we have ample reason to be proud. We can boast of quality facilities, dedicated citizens, and unequaled opportunity.

The Chamber staff and Board of Directors work closely with civic groups, government entities, and concerned citizens to effect the long range growth and prosperity of the North Channel Area.

Please join us as we work together for the common good!