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Jacinto City
1301 Mercury Drive
Jacinto City, TX 77029
Ph. (713) 674-8424
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Member For 18 Years

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Government - City
Jacinto Nursing & Rehabilitation
1405 Holland Avenue
Jacinto City, TX 77029
Ph. 713-455-1744
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Member For 1 Year

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Jacob Stern and Sons - Texas
A Division of Jacob Stern and Sons - 2104 75th Street
Houston, TX 77011
Ph. (713) 926-8386
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Member For 5 Years

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Trading - Import/Export
Janki, Patricia
13601 Woodforest Blvd.
Houston, TX 77015
Ph. (713) 330-4325
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Member For 7 Years

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Physicians & Surgeons-M.D.-Family Practice
Jason's Deli
12625 East Freeway
Houston, TX 77015
Ph. (713) 637-8879
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Member For 2 Years

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Restaurant - Sandwich Shop
JDH Association Management Co.
15201 East Freeway, Suite 205
Channelview, TX 77530
Ph. (281) 457-5341
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Member For 15 Years

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Property Management
John Ennis, CLU
Ph. (832) 236-4149
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Member For 9 Years

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JP Cares
8002 Park Glen dr.
Houston, TX 77049
Ph. (832) 779-6758
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New Member This Year

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Juctice of the Peace Lucia Bates
15315 Southern Breeze Ct.
Houston, TX 77044
Ph. (281) 676-3899

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Member For 9 Years

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Advertising - Promotional
JW Communications
P.O. Box 2207
Crosby, TX 77532
Ph. (713) 455-4007
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Member For 8 Years

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Telephone Communications - Equipment
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