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Membership Dues


The Chamber’s Investment Schedule for Businesses is based on the Number of Employees. Please count the number of full-time, non-contract employees your business has and determine your amount according to the chart below.

  • INITIAL INVESTMENT MUST BE FULL INVESTMENT AMOUNT. AFTER THE FIRST YEAR- Yearly investment can be billed annually or semi-annually for member convenience.

Number of Employees

 Annual Investment

 1 to 10  $270.00
 11 to 50  $425.00
 51 to 100  $650.00
 101 to 200  $795.00
 201 to 300  $975.00
 301 to 400  $1,095.00
 401 to 500  $1,350.00
 501 and over  $1,550.00
 Banks  $200.00 + $25/Employee
 Apartments/Hotels  $225.00 (Less than 50 Units/Rooms)
 Apartments/Hotels  $350.00 (50 to 100 Units/Rooms)
Apartments/Hotels   $450.00 (101 or more Units/Rooms)
 *Individuals  $135.00
 Elected Officials, Churches, & Non-Profit Org.  $200.00

*Individual membership are listed in individual’s name only. This does not apply to professional persons. This category applies typically to retirees or clergy.

**In branch offices, count only the number of employees in that office. For major firms that do not office in this area pay the 1 to 10 employee member rate ($245.00)

Like to schedule an appointment to discuss a membership with the chamber? Contact the Chamber at 713-450-3600 or email:

Membership Application